Life Groups

Here you have the opportunity to fulfill one of the great, yet often overlooked, aspects of a growing spiritual life… connecting with others!  LifeGroups are key to engaging biblical fellowship between people in our church.

They are based on common interests, activities, life stages and/or ages.  Some LifeGroups will be focused around prayer or biblical study.  Others will be focused on joining with others who love the outdoors.  Some are simply empty nesters who and active and vibrant.  But all will connect you with others to share life with!

You will find that there is something… no, a group of “someones” for everyone.

Marriage & Family Ministries

Winning Marriage is a ‘marriage coaching’ ministry. It is a safe place to discuss the root issues that have caused your marriage to slow, become stale, or to have stalled out completely. It serves to empower, equip, and encourage couples to explore the tools from God’s Word that can be used to build a good marriage – one that will last a lifetime!

Nifty Over 50

Who says 50 is “over the hill?” Our seniors at Kingwood are a vibrant bunch who enjoys fellowship, meals, and activities together on a regular basis!

Men’s Ministry

Kingwood’s Men’s Ministry is committed to the church and stands “shoulder to shoulder” with our pastors in prayer for them and the church. The men are always willing to work with and serve other ministries. Not content to “stay within our four walls”, our men minister to the community through such avenues as hospital visitation and prison ministry. They also work with other Promise Keeper groups in the area.
Prison ministry is a vital part of our Men’s Ministry and includes:

  • Bible study
  • One-on-one Visitation
  • Christmas gifts to prisoners and their children
  • Assisting deserving prisoners when released from prison

Women’s Ministry

Leadership of our Women’s Ministries is a joint effort of the heads of various women’s ministry departments. The ministry strives to meet spiritual and social needs within the church family as well as to provide service and assistance to other church ministries.