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Money touches almost every aspect of our lives, but sometimes Christians are uncomfortable with engaging this topic within the church. The Bible speaks to us extensively on money matters, so Kingwood Church believes we should take a leading role in training our people to manage finances God’s way. Managing money is one of the tools God uses to bring us to spiritual maturity and eternal fruitfulness.

Kingwood’s approach to helping people in the area of finances is rooted in the belief that God wants something for you, not something from you. And while giving is an important part of biblical instruction, honoring God with your finances is about more than donating money to your church. A holistic view of God’s financial plan for our lives involves having a long-term plan for reducing debt, spending wisely, budgeting, and saving for the future.

No matter what your present relationship with money is, the resources offered on this page can help you move toward greater financial health. Manage well!


Learn More About Finances

Online Anytime Money Courses We Trust (English and Spanish options)
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Financial Peace LifeGroup 
In this small group setting, go deeper with many financial topics and learn principles and practices that you can apply to your everyday life. If you are interested in being a part of this LifeGroup, sign up below: 

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Financial Tools

Budgeting and Saving

Every Dollar Free Budget App:
EveryDollar Budget App

Budget Coaching:
Crown Budget Coaching

Debt and Spending

Debt Counseling:
Christian Credit Counselors – Crown

Financial Calculators:
Crown Calculators –
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Financial Resources

Dave Ramsey Financial Podcasts App:
Ramsey Network Podcast App

Coping with Inflation:
Crown’s Inflation Survival Guide

Money and Marriage Podcasts:
Money & Finances Archives – Focus on the Family

Some resources have a small cost involved. If that cost is a barrier for you, please let us know by emailing us at [email protected]. We want you to manage well!