21 Days of Prayer

Happy New Year! Along with a new year comes new hope, new opportunities, new commitments, and the potential for new growth. For all of us, 2023 presents us with an invitation to draw closer to God and to grow in faith. Beginning January 9th, Kingwood Church, along with thousands of churches around the nation and world, will participate in 21 Days of Prayer.

I am so excited that you are joining us for 21 Days of Prayer. This will be a beautiful time and will prepare us with the spiritual foundation we need to face all of the challenges of the new year. This season of spiritual preparation will allow us to thrive even in difficult times. I look forward to sharing this time with you!

Kingwood’s 21 Days of Prayer is January 9 through January 29.

2023 Devotional

Guided Prayer

Join us each week in a 20 minute guided prayer exercise. You can do it at home with your headphones, in the car, on a lunch break, in the morning with your devotion! Guided Prayer files will be uploaded each Monday morning.

| Week 1 | 

Download HERE | Stream below


| Week 2 | 

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| Week 3 | 

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