Students from all backgrounds can find a home at Kingwood Church. Our Epoch programs connect with middle school students, high school students, and college freshmen to help them discover the power of a personal relationship with Christ.


9th Grade – College Freshmen

“Epoch” refers to a distinctive time in a person’s life. It’s a time that helps young people define who they are. It’s a time that prepares them for what’s ahead. We place a focus on spiritual development and reflecting the virtues and character of Jesus Christ. Epoch for 9th Grade – College Freshmen offers dynamic services, in-depth studies, and amazing events, including annual beach trips, winter retreats, concerts, and choir tours. More than that, Epoch gives students a place to belong. It’s a place where they can build positive relationships with peers and leaders. It’s a place that gives them a solid foundation as they prepare to enter adulthood.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to call the church at (205) 663-3933 or email Jeremy Sims at [email protected].


Epoch Middle
6th Grade – 8th Grade

Epoch Middle is just like Epoch, but with a method that’s geared toward a younger age group. Everything we do is focused on helping 6th, 7th, and 8th graders learn at an early age how to apply the teachings of Christ to their daily lives. At Kingwood, we believe Christianity is about having an active relationship with Christ. Epoch Middle helps students understand what a relationship with Christ means – and how that relationship can guide them in the years to come. Epoch Middle leaders are here to help students facing a variety of challenges. They listen. They teach. They connect. They help students know they have a place to turn for spiritual guidance and direction. They have an impact that benefits students for years to come.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to call the church at (205) 663-3933 or email Amber Gaddis at [email protected].

Service Times

Sunday 9am

Life Group, Grade 6-8 Main Building, Upstairs in Room # 207

Sunday 10:30am

EpochMIDDLE, Grade 6-8 Service & Small Groups in Legacy Center

Wednesday 7pm

Epoch, Grade 6-12 Service & Small Groups in Legacy Center

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