Worship Service | 10:30 AM

Updated COVID-19 Protocols for Kingwood Church.
updated on July 7, 2022

> Kingwood Church is open for one Sunday morning worship service at 10:30 am.

> We will open the facility for worshippers at 10:10 am for the 10:30 am service.

> Masks will continue to be welcomed as a matter of personal preference.

> Check-In for Kingwood Kids (0-5th) is in the main foyer.

> Kids (1st-5th) & Students (6th-12th) may wear masks if they or their parents wish for them to do so.  

> Our Mother’s Lounge is available for mom and baby.

> Senior and Disability parking are available at the Church Office entrance.

> Except in special circumstances, no offering bags will be passed during services. Please use online platforms or giving boxes in the main foyer. 

Under specific circumstances, we ask that you not worship or serve in person.  If you (1) tested positive recently for COVID-19, (2) have sypmtoms, and/or (3) have had close contact with someone with COVID-19, we advise you to complete the CDC’s Quarantine and Isolation (“Q&I”) Calculator, found here.

Simply choose “Get Started” and answer a few questions to receive CDC-specific guidance for your situation in terms of the need and timeframe to mask in public and to isolate / quarantine.  We understand this tool will not apply to every individual situation and are happy to provide guidance about in-person church participation in exceptional situations.

Of course, anyone who simply feels more vulnerable due to age, health factors, or other concerns should take advantage of our online church service.

As a church, we have been very blessed to have successfully gathered as a church without interruption since reopening in June of 2020. We attribute this blessing to the goodness of God and to common-sense measures such as social distancing, mask requirements for staff, volunteers, and students, enhanced sanitization and access limitations to our facilities, a health check-in procedure for volunteers, and the cooperation of our congregation in following these protocols.