Respite Night

serving our special needs community

Hope is the driving force behind creating a Respite Night for children with special needs. It is the belief that these children and their families deserve a break from the challenges they face on a daily basis. By providing a safe and inclusive environment filled with love and support, we want to give these families a renewed sense of hope and strength as they navigate their unique journey. Here’s how you can get involved!


We will need volunteers to serve as buddies for kids, run game stations, and help serve snacks. If you’re interested, join city serve|special needs lifegroup


Join us in praying for:

    • guidance for the volunteers caring for the children. 

    • compassion to overflow in the hearts of the volunteers.

    • a safe and inclusive environment to be created during the event. 

    • the parents and caregivers of these children to find respite and renewal.

    • God’s peace and comfort to surround the parents and caregivers.

    • the children to feel loved, accepted, and supported during the event. 

a movement of hope