Start Serving

God gifted you to grow you

Find your purpose.

Finding your purpose is more than just finding something that you like to do. It’s about finding your calling. What did God make you to do? We’re here to help you find your calling and equip you to do it.

Let’s find the right fit for you.

God has uniquely gifted you to grow you and to reach others with the love and hope of Jesus. Look through the teams below to find an opportunity that fits you and your God-given talents. We want you to feel confident each time you serve – so don’t worry, we’ll train you!

Don’t know your gifts?

Serving within your gifts is important to us at Kingwood. Spiritual Gifts are the muscles that God gave to you – and we are called to use those gifts to make a difference. 

Discover your gifts through our 10-15 minute assessment and then join a team where those gifts can shine.