Automate The Important


The Great Commission never takes a vacation.  But hopefully, we do – especially during the Summer!  Because you have committed to support your church throughout the year, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to keep that commitment – even when you cannot be here in person to attend.

AUTOMATE THE IMPORTANT is Kingwood’s initiative to promote consistency in giving, so that you can conveniently fulfill your intention to give, and so your church won’t be left “singing the Summertime blues”!  While the pace changes during the Summer, ministry and the expenses that it produces continue full steam ahead.  Your decision to automate your giving for this Summer through the Kingwood website will help your church to press forward with ministry and to fulfill its obligations.  But more importantly, your decision to automate helps you achieve the goal of “making good on your good intentions”.

Getting started is easy.  Just click here to provide us with the info we need to activate online giving for you.  Soon after that, you’ll receive an e-mail activation, and another e-mail with instructions.  There’s even a video link to show you how to give online.  Stay tuned for more details between now and mid-May.