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MAPS 2014


Go Global with Kingwood Church in 2014 by being a part of one of our two great missions trips:  Hot Springs, Arkansas (June 1-7) or Vienna, Austria (September 19-28).  Click on the link of your choice below to find a summary of each trip and a simple application you need to complete to get the process rolling.

Click here if you are interested in HOT SPRINGS

Click here if you are interested in AUSTRIA

Please direct any questions to Pastor White at [email protected].

All-Church Picnic


Save the date!

The All-Church Picnic will be at 9am on Sunday, August 25th.  There will be one, combined service and then  festivities beginning immediately after that service.  You can bring your own lunch or purchase it from one of the delicious food vendors on site.  “Next Steps,” which will be sponsoring the picnic, is the next phase of Kingwood’s path to connecting you to relationships, helping you grow in your faith, and plugging you and your giftings into a place to serve.

Stay “tuned in” here for more information as the All-Church Picnic approaches.  We can’t wait to see you there. 


Next Steps



Welcome to Next Steps!  If you are ready to meet people, want to find out more about serving on a team, or you are ready to grow in your faith.  We have developed simple steps to help you accomplish all of these.  So if you are ready for an adventure, chose your Next Step.

connect (web banner)Life Groups

The most important connection at Kingwood is relational.  Organizational connections mean very little if we don’t have any relationships.  Life Groups will help you to make a relational connection.  Life Groups come in a huge variety so there will definitely be one that is right for you.  Some are relationship driven, some are teaching based and others are service/activity based.  Groups meet at various times and locations all over Shelby County.  Life Groups are easy to connect with because many of them meet twice a month and are semester-based.  Semester-based means they have a two to three month meeting time.


grow (web banner)Life Streams

Spiritual growth often seems allusive and sometimes frustrating.  Question arise like, “where do I start?”  “How do I know I am doing the right thing?”  “How do I know if I am growing?”  Life Streams are interactive seminars designed to introduce you to Kingwood’s four streams of spiritual growth.  These seminars will simplify God’s plan for your life and give you clear growth steps.  Each seminar is 2 ½ hours and includes teaching, discussion, dinner and child care.  All four Life Streams are offered the 2nd Sunday night of each month from 4:30-7 p.m.  Simply sign up and go to the next seminar.

*101 – CONNECT with people     *201 – ENCOUNTER God     *301 – GROW in faith & ministry    *401 – LIVE on mission


serve (web banner)30 Serve

Serving is so important to the Christian life it is the reason that Jesus came to earth.  To use you’re your strengths to bless someone is life’s most meaningful activity.  We created 30 Serve to help you find the right place to serve.  30 Serve is a serving experiment.  It gives you the opportunity to try out serving opportunities without making a long term commitment.  We offer over 20 different 30 Serves.  Our Ministry Leaders will walk with you through the process, from getting started to evaluating your experience when you are done.  After 30 days, you decide if you want to continue serving in that area or to experiment with another 30 Serve.  No strings attached.  The idea is simple, you have unique strengths and we are committed to helping you find the best way to use them.


Fill out my online form.

Life Groups


LifeGroups are a major part of our 2013 vision, and our next semester of Life Groups will begin soon! 

You can sign up for one of our many LifeGroups on our website by filling out a simple form. Just click here. You can also read about each group in the brochure accompanying the link. That way you can find the one that’s right for you. You don’t want to miss this great opportunity to connect in relationships through a new LifeGroup.

Automate The Important


The Great Commission never takes a vacation.  But hopefully, we do – especially during the Summer!  Because you have committed to support your church throughout the year, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to keep that commitment – even when you cannot be here in person to attend.

AUTOMATE THE IMPORTANT is Kingwood’s initiative to promote consistency in giving, so that you can conveniently fulfill your intention to give, and so your church won’t be left “singing the Summertime blues”!  While the pace changes during the Summer, ministry and the expenses that it produces continue full steam ahead.  Your decision to automate your giving for this Summer through the Kingwood website will help your church to press forward with ministry and to fulfill its obligations.  But more importantly, your decision to automate helps you achieve the goal of “making good on your good intentions”.

Getting started is easy.  Just click here to provide us with the info we need to activate online giving for you.  Soon after that, you’ll receive an e-mail activation, and another e-mail with instructions.  There’s even a video link to show you how to give online.  Stay tuned for more details between now and mid-May.

Winning Marriage

Winning Marriage is a ‘marriage coaching’ ministry. It is a safe place to discuss the root issues that have caused your marriage to slow, become stale, or to have stalled out completely. It serves to empower, equip, and encourage couples to explore the tools from God’s Word that can be used to build a good marriage – one that will last a lifetime! Click here for the Winning Marriage website.

Deeper Life

Deeper Life classes are Kingwood’s answer to the mid-week gathering.  Not just another service, it is a set of classes on a 3-week rotation, each of which represents one of the 4 goals of our church… to ENCOUNTER God, CONNECT with people, GROW in faith & ministry, and LIVE on mission.

Encounter, Connect, Grow, Live.

And since these classes change every 3 weeks, you don’t feel like your in just another “sunday school” class with a quarterly curriculum.  You come in for a few wednesday nights, and you leave having experienced biblical teaching through skilled teachers and interaction from others in an “easy to digest” atmosphere.