Next Steps



Welcome to Next Steps!  If you are ready to meet people, want to find out more about serving on a team, or you are ready to grow in your faith.  We have developed simple steps to help you accomplish all of these.  So if you are ready for an adventure, chose your Next Step.

connect (web banner)Life Groups

The most important connection at Kingwood is relational.  Organizational connections mean very little if we don’t have any relationships.  Life Groups will help you to make a relational connection.  Life Groups come in a huge variety so there will definitely be one that is right for you.  Some are relationship driven, some are teaching based and others are service/activity based.  Groups meet at various times and locations all over Shelby County.  Life Groups are easy to connect with because many of them meet twice a month and are semester-based.  Semester-based means they have a two to three month meeting time.


grow (web banner)Life Streams

Spiritual growth often seems allusive and sometimes frustrating.  Question arise like, “where do I start?”  “How do I know I am doing the right thing?”  “How do I know if I am growing?”  Life Streams are interactive seminars designed to introduce you to Kingwood’s four streams of spiritual growth.  These seminars will simplify God’s plan for your life and give you clear growth steps.  Each seminar is 2 ½ hours and includes teaching, discussion, dinner and child care.  All four Life Streams are offered the 2nd Sunday night of each month from 4:30-7 p.m.  Simply sign up and go to the next seminar.

*101 – CONNECT with people     *201 – ENCOUNTER God     *301 – GROW in faith & ministry    *401 – LIVE on mission


serve (web banner)30 Serve

Serving is so important to the Christian life it is the reason that Jesus came to earth.  To use you’re your strengths to bless someone is life’s most meaningful activity.  We created 30 Serve to help you find the right place to serve.  30 Serve is a serving experiment.  It gives you the opportunity to try out serving opportunities without making a long term commitment.  We offer over 20 different 30 Serves.  Our Ministry Leaders will walk with you through the process, from getting started to evaluating your experience when you are done.  After 30 days, you decide if you want to continue serving in that area or to experiment with another 30 Serve.  No strings attached.  The idea is simple, you have unique strengths and we are committed to helping you find the best way to use them.


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